In-line leveling machine

1. On-line internal weld leveling machine stainless steel in-line leveling (also known as internal weld leveling): stainless steel welding into steel pipe and other circular workpieces will appear uneven, uneven inside and outside the weld, leveling is the use of special internal weld leveling equipment in the weld pressure multi-pass rolling, and ultimately the welding leveling, so that The internal and external weld surface is smooth without stratification. It is suitable for oil, chemical, nuclear power, boilers, food, medicine and other industries instead of stainless steel seamless pipes. 2. Automated production process: internal leveling.

1. In-line weld leveling machine

Stainless steel on-line internal leveling (also known as internal weld leveling): When stainless steel is welded into circular workpieces such as steel pipes, there will be unevenness and irregularity inside and outside the weld. Leveling is to use special internal seam leveling equipment to pressure multi-pass rolling on the weld, and eventually leveling the welding, so that the surface of the internal and external welds will not appear smoothly. Layered. It is suitable for oil, chemical, nuclear power, boilers, food, medicine and other industries instead of stainless steel seamless pipes.

2, automated production process:

The internal leveling stainless steel machinery consists of internal and external weld leveling stand, hydraulic pneumatic system, automatic electro-hydraulic-pneumatic control system with PLC control, and also includes die and rolling fluid circulation equipment. After rolling with horizontal rollers, the residual height of stainless steel welded pipe with internal and external weld seam is removed, the cross section of welded pipe becomes a horizontal ellipse, and the mandrel is stuck in the welded pipe to follow the welded pipe; after rolling with vertical rollers, the cross section of welded pipe becomes a positive circle. When the mandrel and welded pipe are separated from the frame, the cylinder is pulled back to the appropriate position, and then the second one is carried out. Rolling cycle

3, product characteristics:

The internal and external welding seam leveling device of stainless steel welded pipe is a reciprocating automatic rolling device with built-in mandrel and roll for rolling stainless steel welded pipe. By controlling the rolling strength and pass, the requirements of leveling the internal and external welding seam, completely removing the excess height of the internal and external welding seam and leveling with the base metal can be achieved. Popularly speaking, it is to realize seamless welding of stainless steel welded pipe.

4. Product parameters:


pipe diameter

wall thickness








metN 50





metN 60





metN 80





metN 100





metN 120





Operating procedures

1. Purpose:

1.1 in order to better ensure the normal operation of the equipment, effective guarantee of smooth production, meet product requirements.

1.2 effective maintenance of equipment.

1.3 write reasonable operation instructions to ensure the production plan and product quality requirements are reached.

2, scope of use:

Welded pipe production: pipe making department.

3, rules:

3.1 ensure the effective cleaning of equipment and record of cleanliness during shift.

3.2 accurately control the operation of the machine before shift and coordinate with normal production. Pay attention to the opening of water, gas and electricity, whether the grinding wheel, saw blade and cutting table are normal.

4, boot:

4 before starting, according to the lubrication requirements, injecting different lubricants to the parts where the lubricating oil is required to be injected.

4.1 first check whether the electrical switches are in the 0 position, then turn on the power supply.

4.2 Check whether the mechanical parts and pneumatic system are normal or not. If there are abnormal phenomena, they should be checked and eliminated in time so as not to cause mechanical equipment accidents.

4.3 Check the transmission gear is correct, otherwise there will be quality problems, whether the pressure gauge of the cutting machine reaches 0.5-0.7 mpa, otherwise it can not be cut.

4.4 Let the motor run empty for 2-3 minutes before going to work every morning. The transmission gears are equal to 0. When driving, the operator is not allowed to leave the machine tool and do other irrelevant things.

4.5 it is strictly prohibited to wear gloves to boot, long sleeved clothes must wear hand sleeves, and long hair must wear a hat.

4.6 do not wipe the rotating parts when starting.

4.7 correctly adjust the mold, not vigorously under pressure, in place.

4.8 during the operation, you are not allowed to leave the machine tool. You are not allowed to do other irrelevant things, and pay attention to whether the welds are normal.

4.9 In the process of pipe-making, the cutting strip must be consented by the workshop director, stored in the belt-laying area, and recorded in detail with the sling operator on the Production Process Card. It must not be discarded at will.

4.10 If abnormal phenomena are found in operation, such as smoke, burning odor, sudden fuse burning, sudden extinguishment of indicator lights and timely switching off the power switch to be checked out, then turn on operation after troubleshooting.

4.11 the product's length is checked regularly, not more than 6.01 meters, not less than 6 meters. Strictly controlled between 4mm. The pipe on the unloading pipe rack should not exceed 95% of the total capacity, so that the flat mouth personnel should be lifted in time, otherwise the operator will be responsible for the damage.

5, downtime:

5.1 shut down the power while waiting for the welder to stop.

5.2 clean the gauges carefully with clean cotton cloth, place them in the box and put them into the toolbox.

5.3 clean up all the fixtures and fixtures on the machine tools and classify them into the toolbox.

6, on-site finishing or handover.

6.1 clean the surrounding 1 meters of equipment within 20 minutes before each shift, including the corresponding window sill.

6.2 clean the floor and the bottom of the machine tool and wipe the whole equipment clean.

6.3 pull the scrap stainless steel pipe out of the designated location.

6.4 At the end of work, the specifications and the number of branches produced by oneself, the number of perforated pipes (branches) and the waste (kg) are well registered on the production record card, and the statistics are made by the workshop quality inspection, and the "Production Process Card" is filled in, so that the operation of the machine platform of successors and matters needing attention are handed over. Clean the machine and the regional health before leaving.