Stainless steel prices are unbelievable in 2015.

2018-11-15 22:13:37

2014 has become the past. There are so many fantastic things happened in this year, such as all kinds of events about horses: five air crashes are all related to horses, the divorce of Ma Yili, and the listing of Ma Yun Alibaba. Just before 2014, the stampede on the Bund of Shanghai will be over. The incident shocked the world! 2014 is really a troubled affair, and 2015 is brand new.

With the passing of a year, there is also a "wind of summary". Foshan Meadow Machinery, as a modern new enterprise which has been studying and focusing on mechanical stainless steel industry for a long time, does not need to work hard. Here is a detailed analysis of the price trend of stainless steel in 2015.

Stainless steel price trend in 2014

The price of stainless steel in 2014 is relatively volatile, and the main factor is nickel price. Spring stainless steel prices are not ideal because of the impact of the Spring Festival; nickel price support in April-June led to a rise in the price of coil, but not long-term prospects, and soon there was a large drop in prices; July-September belongs to the traditional off-season, steel plant shutdown and maintenance led to a light price, October-December due to increased financial pressure at the end of the year, so the price is not ideal.

304 roll plate



The above image shows that the gap between cold rolling and hot rolling reached its peak in May, but at the end of June, the gap has reached more than 1,000 yuan.

Two, 2014 nickel price review

ME exchange nickel price and stock chart


Domestic electrolytic nickel


The spot price of ferronickel in 2014 is determined by many factors, among which Indonesia's ban on mining is the most important. In addition, there are the impact of the Malaysian Airlines incident and the issue of raising the purchase price of nickel materials in steel mills.

Three, 2015 stainless steel Quotes Price Forecast

The market of stainless steel in 2015 should be analyzed in terms of international market situation, domestic market situation and supply-demand relationship.

In the international economy, as far as the current situation is concerned, the recovery of the international economy is not balanced, the Academy of Social Sciences predicts that the domestic economy will grow steadily, Goldman Sachs predicts that the U.S. economy will continue to grow in 2015, and the economic growth of the euro area may decline, but the overall economic situation is still worth looking forward to, at least compared with 2014. The economic trend in 2015 may be much better.

The Academy of Social Sciences has forecast the development environment at home and abroad in 2015. The pulling effect of international demand on China's exports is still in urgent need of time to verify. There is a greater possibility that domestic economic consumption will grow steadily, and the economic forecast growth rate is about 7%.

Financing is more expected, in 2014 has ushered in many interest rate cuts, monetary policy began to appear in a better state, continue to cut interest rates is very likely. The housing market has seen a big recovery, and the stock market has also seen a big rebound, which is a positive stimulus to the price of stainless steel in 2015.

From the supply-demand relationship, stainless steel sheet coil will be more opportunities with PPP project, water conservancy, transportation, infrastructure construction will become a hot spot in 2015, and these infrastructure projects will drive the development of stainless steel industry. With the expected withdrawal of the property purchase restriction policy in 2015, the real estate market will also experience a big rebound, which will stimulate the demand for stainless steel.

It is worth mentioning that at present, CAAC predicts that the growth rate of the automobile market will be about 7% in 2015. The automobile market in 2015 is worth looking forward to. Stainless steel will also usher in new development because of the booming automobile market.

In all respects, both international and domestic economies have rebounded and recovered, and the big economic trend is worth looking forward to. From the point of view of enterprise financing, 2015 will also usher in a better situation than 2014, and the enterprise capital chain will be guaranteed. With the development of housing market and automobile market, the demand for stainless steel will be more and more, so from many aspects, the stainless steel market in 2015 is more optimistic.

The price trend of stainless steel in 2015 is worth looking forward to. Foshan Mato machinery embraces you in 2015.

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