Technical parameters of small 40 stainless steel tube making machine

2018-11-15 22:11:17

Technical parameters of small 40 stainless steel tube making machine

1. unit layout (also arranged according to customer requirements)


H: horizontal roller rack V: vertical roller rack

B:: Welding grind seat, TQ: welding frame, welding frame.

2. power transmission:

1) main drive motor 7.5KW, frequency conversion timing.

2) the number of drive shaft of cross head universal joint coupling is 17.

3) equipped with 2020 gearbox, four forward gear and one reverse gear.

4) 40 unit: worm gear reducer 10, model WSD70, speed ratio 1:20.

3. Rack structure:

Main panel 25mm, side panel 8mm. The machine adopts A3 steel plate and mechanical vibration ageing treatment.

4. Feeding rack: duplex storage rack, mandrel outer diameter: 450mm~550mm adjustable, maximum outer diameter: 1400mm, coil width: 200mm, maximum load-bearing: 3000kg.

5. Horizontal roller and vertical roller rack:

1) Horizontal rollers are made of iron castings, horizontal axles are processed with 40Cr material, and the whole axle is ground after quenching treatment, with a diameter of 40mm and a keyway of 8X4.

2) the vertical roller bracket adopts iron castings. The vertical shaft is made of 45# steel material. After finishing, the diameter is 25mm.

6. Welding device:

1) welder (user provided).

2) welding torch bracket: 6 direction manual adjustable; thread fine adjustment torch position.

7. Grinding device:

1) Three groups of automatic grinding devices (two groups of oblique beating, one group of direct beating), grinding seat motor power: Y4-3KW, grinding guide shaft plated with hard chromium.

2) with stainless steel grinding cover.

3) the welding head is controlled by a decelerating motor to automatically control the grinding head.

8, straightening device:

The two calibration frame can be moved up and down, so that the round pipe and square pipe can meet the ideal requirements.

9. Automatic cutting device:

1) the main cutting motor power is 1.8KW-2.2KW, and the 315 type metal saw blade pneumatic saw head is used.

2) push by cylinder and slide parts freely and freely. Saw head up and down pneumatic control.

3) mechanical calibration, with manual and automatic switching devices.

10. Discharge device:

Fully automatic discharge, pneumatic drive: fixed length: 3-6M.

11. Scope of management:

Diameter: 8- 0.25-1.5 32 mm thick.