Operating rules for stainless steel pipe making machine

2018-11-15 21:39:22

Operating rules for stainless steel pipe making machine

1. Produce strictly according to production plan and production requirements, collect corresponding materials from raw material warehouse according to production plan, fill in the receipt form in detail and truthfully. When collecting materials, it must not be difficult to pick and choose easily, and obey the arrangement of warehouse management and supervisor.

Two, lifting the raw material carefully and gently hanging to prevent hanging and hanging the wrong steel belt. When the belt is taken, the surface of the steel strip is visually measured to make the product with a bright steel band and fewer defects.

3. Check whether the equipment, water, electricity, gas and cutting table are normal, check whether the mould has foreign body adhesion, open the water of welding torch and water, electricity and gas switches.

Four, when entering the belt, the master is responsible for the adjustment, without the consent of the master master, it is forbidden to enter and adjust the machine without permission. After adjusting the machine, the adjusting master may not move the mould at will. The product quality problems found in the production process should be reported to the adjusting master to solve them in time.

5. During the production process, we should pay attention to safety, strictly forbid touching the transmission parts by hand, and strictly forbid illegal operation. If we find abnormal production equipment and product quality, we should inform the mechanic repair or the modulator to deal with it in time.

6. During the production process, we should pay close attention to the quality of the products. If we find that there are supernormal quality problems on the surface of the steel strip, we should inform the master on duty in time. Always check the product's length, roundness, square degree and steel printing clearly. Always check carefully whether the product has mechanical, die pressure, pull and scratch. Check carefully whether the weld is clean, fine and twill. Check carefully whether there are quality problems such as leak welding, perforation and peeling. For products with unclear grinding, serious peeling, leak welding and perforation, they should be picked out and sent to the repair welding site to repair welding and joint. The custom made products should be repaired and repaired to be returned to the machine in time.

Seventh, in order to ensure the yield of finished products, the production process must not be arbitrary shutdown (including meal time), a short time to leave must be called to stand in the stands. It is not allowed to waste freely for the convenience of drawing. The auxiliary materials such as impeller, cutting piece and tungsten needle must be used to make sure that they can not be replaced after use. (Please take the initiative to take the remaining cutting piece from the big pipe opening machine.) Control gas pressure. When the product is burst, turn off the welding torch and water in time. Keep equipment and workplaces clean and clean. No waste cloth or screws are allowed on the machine. Clean the machine and workplaces thoroughly before going off duty. Close all water electrical switches.

Eight, the shift must be clear and clear, especially the customized products must be dealt with next class. Fill in the production record and production process card in detail and be responsible for the next process.

Nine, the above items must be strictly observed, and offenders shall be punished according to circumstances.

Appendix: violation rules

1. Penalty of 100 yuan per time for production not in accordance with production plan and production requirements; Penalty of 50 yuan per time for failure to comply with the arrangement of warehouse management and shift attendants when receiving materials; Penalty of 2 yuan per kilogram for apparent wear and tear of hanging and mishanging steel strips; Penalty of 20 yuan per time for not making steel strips bright and with few defects positive for products, affecting product quality.

2, not to open welding torch water, burn the gun 50 yuan / time.

3. Privately adjusting the machine without the consent of the modelling master will result in a fine of 5 yuan/kg for the waste and 20 yuan/time for the quality of the product.

4. The product length is different, the roundness and square degree are not enough, the steel mark is not clear and the penalty for delivery is 20 yuan/time, and the penalty for delivery is 5 yuan/kg; the product has mechanical stretch marks, the penalty for die indentation is 20 yuan/time; the penalty for grinding is 20 yuan/time; the penalty for serious fishtail marks is 20 yuan/time; the product is over 5 pieces per hanger pipe whose diameter is less than 32 for leakage welding, perforation and peeling. The penalty is 1 yuan / branch, and the diameter of every diameter pipe above 32 is 2 yuan, 2 yuan / branch.

5. In the production process (midway meal time), the penalty for waste caused by arbitrary shutdown is 5 yuan/kg; the penalty for waste and uncontrolled gas is 20 yuan/time; the penalty for site sanitation is 20 yuan/time for incomplete cleaning equipment; and the penalty for not closing water, electricity and gas switches is 10 yuan/time after work.

6. A fine of 20 yuan per time for failing to fill in the receipt form, production record and process card in detail and truthfully; two-day wage deduction for malicious falsification of production.

7, the violation of the operation to bring a hidden danger of safety accidents 50 yuan / times, causing the consequences of safety accidents conceited.