Operation management regulations of stainless steel tube polishing machine

2018-11-15 21:47:02

1. Production is strictly required according to production plan. It should not be difficult to pick and choose, but also complete production tasks with quality and quantity.

Second: hang the products we need to produce on the polishing rack. When lifting the products, we should not overhang them. We should handle them carefully and lightly. We should not trample on them, throw them, or damage them.

Third: According to the specifications of the products produced, change the polishing wheel, prepare polishing wax, and use grade B tube when adjusting the machine. Responsible for the above two processes, found perforation, leakage welding, desquamate serious products readily picked out. Quality problems should be promptly returned to the two processes.

Fourth: In the production process, according to the characteristics of the product, the polishing wheel is pressed frequently, polishing wax is polished frequently, the quality of products is closely monitored, and the distortion, bending and brightness of polishing products are checked regularly. Whether polishing wax is clean, pallet, rubber wheel, blanking rack, whether there are iron scraps, wipe flowers, and flower products.

Fifth: Pay attention to production safety, strictly prohibit illegal operation, do not touch the polishing wheel running by hand, do not press the polishing wheel too tightly and start fire. Attention should be paid to the normal operation of the equipment at all times. If abnormal motor and equipment are found, the machine should be shut down and repaired by electrician in time. The cabinet should not be opened for repair without authorization.

Sixth: thrifty, not extravagant waste, can throw once to meet the standard products, must not throw twice, polishing wheel, polishing wax to use really can not be replaced, after shutdown to turn off the fan and other power supply.

Seven: Responsible for the next process, carefully and truthfully fill in production records and process cards, do not confuse, mistake product specifications and models.

Eighth: Clear handover, equipment failure, must be clearly marked at the fault location, and inform the next shift leader. Thoroughly and thoroughly clean equipment and hygiene in workplaces before going off duty.

Nine: the above should be strictly observed, and the offender will be punished according to the circumstances.

Appendix: Rules for violating penalties:

One: production is not planned according to production plan, production is required, and work is difficult to choose, and the penalty is 100 yuan / time.

Two: large crane super crane, trampling, throwing products, the machine did not use B class tube damage product penalty of 5 yuan /Kg.

3: The penalty of not picking out perforation, missed welding and serious peeling products below 32 is 1 yuan / more than 32 yuan / more than 2 yuan < the same amount of reward above handpicked >

Four: polishing brightness is not up to standard, polishing wax is not swept clean, flow to the next process need to throw back penalty 50 yuan / times.

Five: arbitrary extravagance and waste, polishing wheel, polishing wax can be used unused, optional replacement of 50 yuan / time.

Sixth: Failure to fill in production records and process cards carefully and truthfully, or incorrect process cards to confuse products, a penalty of 50 yuan per time. Malicious false report of production is deducted by 2 days of wages.

Seven: the handover is not clear, the equipment is not thoroughly cleaned before work, and the sanitation of the workplace is fined 20 yuan / time.

Eight: violation of the operation to bring a hidden danger of safety accidents 50 yuan / time, causing the consequences of safety accidents conceited.