Stainless steel tube polishing technology

2018-11-15 19:45:19

Stainless steel tube polishing is a very important part after the stainless steel tube making machine. How is the stainless steel pipe polished? How can the stainless steel tube polishing machine make the stainless steel tube brighten after polishing? Stainless steel polishing machine installed on a lot of have not done or no entry will have such a question, in fact, stainless steel pipe polishing is relatively simple. Now let's introduce the principle of polishing machine and material of polishing machine in detail.

When polishing, the surface roughness of stainless steel section is reduced by friction and high temperature between polishing wheel and stainless steel surface installed on polishing machine. The chemical composition of polishing wax, alumina and stearic acid, reacts with polished stainless steel tubes to increase the brightness of polishing.

Material matching on the polishing machine:

The first group: 1000 page wheel, second groups sixth groups: yam Ma, seventh groups to tenth sets of cloth hemp wheel.

The waxing part starts from the second group of flax wheels to the sixth group of flax wheels, depending on the size and thickness of the pipe and the speed of polishing. The direction of waxing is along the direction of pipe feeding. No waxing.